Shared BLOG is the final chapter in our project Shared RISK. With this blog we continue our attempt to map the choreographic community in Denmark, something that we’ve been trying to do through our project Shared RISK which was initiated in 2014. So far we’ve been working with formats such as: professional workshops, practice sharing platforms and open lectures in connection to our own research. Now our vision is to create an online platform for sharing reflections and practices related to choreography.

As a starting point we have invited 18 artists and our idea is that each of them articulate aspects of their practice and share this under a personal profile-site on the blog. The blog will be an overview of people, artistic visions, practices or basically: artistic content. After the launch of the first 18 artists the blog will be open for the entire community; every one who wishes can open their own page (see the 'Join' page). The blog is the forum to free yourself from: PR texts, resumes, catchy lines and so forth. The texts will not be edited or adjusted to fit a specific format of writing, we want the diversity of artistic thinking to be manifested both in terms of content and form.


The vision behind Shared RISK is to expand the understanding of choreography within a  Danish context, since this art form is still closely associated to notions such as Dance, Contemporary Dance (and many times poorly translated as Modern Dance). We want to emphasize the difference between these concepts; to show that choreography can be detached from dance, and therefore we ask that you in your articulation of your practice somehow relate your work to the concept of choreography. How you do this is up to you. This might seem obvious, but within a Danish context it is our experience that it’s not (of course you’re also very welcome to speak about dance if this is relevant to your practice). The form is open and your reflection can happen through pictures, sound files, videos and/or composing words in one way or another. Everything is welcome, from theoretical essays over self-interviews to total abstraction.

The idea is that this blog can work as a map and an easy access for people who are interested in choreography, whether this interest is professional, collegial or from the perspective of an audience. We also think that this could work as a navigator for international colleagues who are interested in the Danish scene. 


Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation & Augustinus Fonden