Ida-Elisabeth Larsen is a choreographer and performer currently based in Copenhagen. She graduated from SEAD in 2007. Later on she supplemented her education with a degree in Philosophy and Performance Design from Roskilde University. The core of her artistic practice she unfolds as a member of the artist collective RISK and the duo two-women-machine-show. Ida-Elisabeth Larsen has also worked as a dramaturge in various artistic collaborations and is currently engaged as such in the international performance festival series WORKS AT WORK (2014-2016), which she hosts together with curator Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt. In 2013 and 2014 the duo two-women-machine-show received the Danish Arts Foundation’s annual award for the works ‘Mass Hysteria’ and later ‘My Body is a Barrel of Gunpowder’. Ida-Elisabeth Larsen tours with stage productions regularly and participate internationally in various artist residencies and exchange programs.


Gry Raaby is a dancer, choreographer and production manager based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She holds a degree in Contemporary Dance and has studied African dance in both Ghana and Mali. She worked for the Hamburg based Sticky Trace Company and various choreographers around Europe. She toured with companies such as Calabash Dancers, Safrico Dance Co. and Kente Traditional Dance Company. In 2009 Gry co-founded the artist collective RISK. In her own work there’s an interest in the meeting between genres, and she has made dance films and installations in collaboration with Film Directors and Sound artists. Currently she is working with a playwright/poet for her next project. Gry also works as project manager and artistic assistant for other artists. Politically she’s active as chairman for the organization De Frie Koreografer (Independent Choreographers).


Marie-Louise Stentebjerg is a choreographer and performer based in Copenhagen. Her main artistic engagement is with duo two-women-machine-show and the artist collective RISK. Beside that her work contains both solo and other group practices; she’s been collaborating with the Slovenian theatre group Via Negativa on a project base since 2010 and is throughout 2015 engaged in a nordic project initiated by Janne-Camilla Lyster (NO). She’s been teaching at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen.


Marie Topp is choreographer and dancer. She is choreographer in residence at K3 I Tanzplan Hamburg season 2014-2015. Since graduating from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2009 Topp has developed a solo-practice and created three works “The Everyday Practice of Resistance” (2012) and “Forerunnig” (2014) and The Visible Effects of Force (2015). Topp is a part of the Copenhagen-based choreographers collective RISK, and has been a teacher at DOCH, (University for Dance and circus in Stockholm) and AFUK in Copenhagen. Her works has amongst other places been performed at ICE HOT Nordic Danceplatform (FI), Kampnagel(De) Dansehallerne (DK) Volksroom (BE) Citylink Festival (De) Reykjavik Dancefestival (IS).