Think Space was a three day conference held by concerning the re-population of abandoned buildings in the city, questioning current models for urban planning and user-driven involvement. The conference was held between the 12th-14th of September, 2012 at EnergiCenter Voldparken in Husum, a suburb of Copenhagen. RISK was invited by to make a three day performance-lab, exploring how a physical presence can transform a given space. Taking the context into account the research we initiated was first and foremost a relating to architecture. We asked how the specific properties of a space could foster artistic approaches to investigating the representational and non­representational aspects of performance. In other words how given (concrete) architectural surroundings can serve as a point of departure for a fictional (immaterial) inner investigation. We explored this under the sub-titles: Established Space, Embodied Space and Expanded Space.

The initial research process was open to the attendees of the conference throughout the day, letting the visitors affect the architecture in which we worked. We informed them throughout the conference through continuously written updates describing our methodologies, planned experiments and reflexions. Think Space laid the foundation of the later work entitled In Between Concrete.

Notes from the research
"The research can be set in any space, but any new framing should evolve from the physical task Embody Space:­ You start with the surrounding space, then work your way into the imagination. From this abstraction you work your way back to the concrete space. 
This traveling, looping movement, which we’ve located as happening 'in between concrete', begins with the naming of a space and it’s inherent properties. Then the performer works with how this concretisation motivates narratives (physical, emotional and imaginary) in her, which then again spills back on the reception and understanding of the given architecture. How does this enable a performer (and eventually the audience?) to locate new, transformed properties of a space?"

RISKs participation in Think Space was supported by:
Dansk Skuespillerforbund and Snabslanten