Shared RISK is an ongoing project initiated by RISK in the beginning of 2014. The aim is to establish a culture for sharing research and to support the dialogue between choreographers affiliated with Denmark. It includes a series of workshops, work/practice presentations and the launch of the community blog 'Shared BLOG'. As an additional initiative to Shared RISK we have launched a new concept called ‘Shared RESEARCH’ where the experts we invite for our own research interests are shared with the community. Shared RISK is based on a fluid structure and is in continuous development. The project is a natural continuation of the collective's earlier platforms 'RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN' (2009), 'The Stage that wasn’t There' (2010) and 'End(Less)Theatre' (2011).

Shared RISK timeline
Mar. 2014: ‘Choreography is for people, Dance of The Angels’, workshop with Mårten Spångberg
Mar. 2014: ‘Shared vol. 1’, work/practice presentation by Sara Hamming, Martin Forsberg and Sofie Lebech
Apr. 2014: ‘Shared vol. 2’ Work/practice presentation by Poul Laursen, Nina Steen & Robert Logrell (Infinity Project), Adriano W. Jensen and Sarah Armstrong
Dec. 2014: ‘Habitus and the Body as Impetus for Reflexivity’, lecture by Troels S. Larsen
Dec. 2014: ‘Virtual Choreography’, workshop with Mette Ingvartsen
Apr. 2015: ‘Shared BLOG’ launch
Sep. 2015: Publication (details to be announced)

Supported by:
The Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinus Fonden, Dansehallerne, Sort/Hvid and Københavns Film & Teaterskole