This statement was written for the platform we were offered by the international performance festival WORKS AT WORK in Copenhagen. The statement marks a point in our collective process anno November, 2016.


"Tonight we want to honour the collective effort that surrounds our artistic production. We want to dedicate ourselves to a practice, which aims to stay "in process".

To search for a mode that allows continuous hesitation.
To search for ways that avoids coining "strong meanings".

To stay resistant towards the inherent demand to transform processes into presentable objects. No more artificial separation of the work we do from our bodies.
Perhaps it is not so much a question of "doing" as it is perhaps a question of "undoing"?

In this zone of hesitation can we avoid evaluation?
Can we avoid stagnant categorisation?
Can we avoid being split between failure and success?
Can we avoid rendering an artificially polished product out of a greater and more unruly whole?

We want to stay with the complications of processual messiness. Tonight we enter a new phase.

The collective as a predefined project has drained us.
It has gone too far.
We have let our collective visions become contaminated.
Contaminated by our inherent desires to satisfy the structural mechanisms. Contaminated by demands of art production.

Our art and wellbeing needs a structural economic detox.

The only way out calls for a fully embodied transformation - a letting go of definitions, expectations and presumptions from within the body of the collective, a farewell and a release.

Tonight this statement will mark the starting point of one year of contemplation.

A year of ceasing the hunt for opportunities.
A year of not writing artist bios that make us look economically attractive. A year of not projecting into the future.

Our administration is desperation.

A year of saying no, but taking responsibility for our having said yes!
A year of acknowledging that through our actions and productions, we have maintained the same structures that we are criticizing.

Is the collective structure our best option to survive in a normative capitalist society that is based on quantifiable labour? Or do we give up the idea of economy all together? To remove the project- making from our collective practice, and let it be solely a structure of support and genuine interest in each other, our work and friendship.

And even then, how do we relate to personal investment, labour and value in a phase of anti- production?

What remains is a collective movement of four individuals, whose constant relating to each other, reshapes the fluid coexistence -It only takes the movement of one, to change the conditions for the others.

Tonight we ask

Which values lie at the heart of your practice?
How do you share the knowledge reached through the senses?
How can we deal with intuition as a group?
How can we work from a point of abstraction?
How can we propose ideas of transferability and exchange in nonverbal ways? Can we bring forward the energetic body?

Can we share an indefinite space? - To collectively survive, as people, as friends and as artists, whilst working in a reality that at times feels impossible to unite with an artistic process."