About Cloud

It’s all a big mess of dreams, ideas, experiences and inspiration from what we met in Buenos Aires during our internship, themes that concerns us, discussions we had, and a hope to open up a conversation between countries. We are Sigrid Stigsdatter and Naya Moll and we hope we’re not alone.

We ask

If our objective is to avoid to be a lonely freelance artist swimming in too deep water, what are the conditions we need? What kind of tissue do we want to wrap around ourselves, to not be alone? We are curious of how we as artists and friends can carry each others bodies through the life of freelancing.

When we talk about collectivity, collaboration, working together, shared forms or what ever we call, or should call, this way of working that involves a plurality of bodies, what is the different specific ways of working like this?
So we ask ourselves and others: What do we need and what can we share?


Maybe it’s very hippie, but if we are still lusting to become closer, because we need each other, it’s maybe cool, or maybe we need a new word to talk about how we wanna be together today. And if we claim that there is no work that is a solo work, but at the same time we got tired of talking about collectivity as one specific way of working together, but we still don’t feel fully supported as artists, it seems that we need a re-understanding and revolution of the word collectivity as well.
Does collectivity have to mean that we always, all the time, have to be equal or can it also be that I take something today and give back something else tomorrow?
How can we avoid that collectivity becomes exclusive, that it is not just about getting into a group and then feel like you saved your self? How can we become a weave of collectives and collaborations where no one feels alone, even if you choose to be working out side a collective? And can it be the performance material that holds a collective, or a space, and maybe not always the people, but sometimes the people, but also different people and more people and many people and all the things from the list above.

Working together is a need for security, not just financial or practical, but a way to find the future together. A call for being a part of shaping our generation as artists because if we cannot trust the system to support us, we wanna be each others systems. And I can be your institution
and your bank
and your manager
and your supervisor
and your friend
but also your colleague who dares to give, because there is space for all of us
and I can be your eyes
and your mirror,
I can be your reflection.
If we could be each others net, so you could see yourself with my eyes. You are always a part of my work, because you keep me up, and you involve yourself in me, and me in you. So when you cry, I will show you your thoughts, so that you can see them more clearly.