Amsterdam based choreographer studying at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). Roots still deep planted in the soil of Western Jutland but spreading like fire and infatuation. Constantly busy with understanding the wonders and horror of this world and the next one to come. Sigrid is a fruit and likes to stay in the sun and keep hydrated.

More to come.

I thought I should share a day of rehearsal I had while working on my latest piece that premiered 12th of march. While I’m still busy with my thoughts about what choreography is for me and how I would like contribute to the field, I thought why not share a day in a process of making._D3S4908
I had my spring scream, though it was six days to early I needed it and the sun was shining all over Amsterdam as me and my fellow travelers screamed out as loud as we could from an Amsterdam rooftop.
As a part of todays warmup for the piece I was making we had a walk in the park. 
The idea was to be silent together and to hear all the things you hear and to see all the things you see.
I proposed to Charlie and Camilla that we would think of one thing that worries us and one thing that makes us very happy.

We ended on the roof and screamed out our spring scream and had a beautiful conversation about how something so banal and simple as this exercise can liberate and give time to think off all the wonders and horrors of this world.

At the moment I find it extremely hard to position my self as a choreographer in a world that is burning. I appreciate to be able to bring these subjects into a working space, even if the work concerns something very different. I think we constantly need to contextualize and understand what we put out and in what world we put it.

After this amazing experience we went to the studio and had a terrible rehearsal and I lost all faith in my self and the piece.
Luckily I knew it was the day for a terrible rehearsal so I was somewhat prepared for the come down.

I made a little list of what to do in this situation.Photo on 9-27-14 at 11.50 PM #2

Ways to snap out of the misery:
Blame others
Blame the conditions
Blame the weather
Blame your health

This is somehow also connected to the practice and the piece we were and are still working with.
I have been interested in the the topic of lies and rumors and blame and guilt as a starting point. I proposed that we started working with the sentence “I believe what you are telling me, even though I know you are lying to me”
I wanted to work with lying, with interpretation of stories and representation. Later on in the process came the question about the theatre as a constructed space, and are we therefore all the time lying here or are we maybe only telling the truth?
Most importantly we came about the point, if it even matters if I’m telling you the truth or not, as long as we make a contract where we believe each other.

I think we are lusting for trust and want to believe the truth. Fact is that it would be better if you would do the effort of lying to me and I will choose to believe you even though I know you are telling me a lie. 
Not all stories is a lie, but an interpretation and a subjective version of the truth and why not? If a story is better when I lie a little what is the harm?


Then I had the idea that we needed to work with this piece in the notion of punk. Not to make a piece about punk, but the way that we do things. 
Because punk works with a certain realness and truth I felt it was connected to the theme but it was also a great way to start working.
In the sense that I wanted to play the drum and make songs.
I know I’m not a good drummer, but it doesn’t matter in punk  I will drum anyways.
We are also not very good actors, but it doesn’t matter we will act anyways. 
The skills doesn’t matter, it’s the way you execute it.

I will end with a little warning.

DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING OR ANYBODY. – Especially not your perverted self.

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