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Matilde Mørk: Performer, choreographer, video and visual- artist. Currently a student at the Jutland Art Academy. Matilde Mørk has been working as an assistant for various visual and video artist such as Marika Seidler ( and Birgit Johnsen/Hanne Nielsen (

Schizoid* practice

Sketch, Energy Constellations, 2014

Sketch, Energy Constellations, 2014

Schizoid* practice is a body-oriented artistic practise placed in the field of visual art. It involves various medias such as performance for video and live – performance, writings and working with voice.

Being brought up in a family with a brother not having the ability for verbal communication, the nonverbal language therfore become a central way of communicating. This condition echoes strongly in all of the work created by Matilde Mørk.

At the moment moving in a field where psychotherapy, neuroscience and spirituality is of great inspiration and the base of long-term research. Making the more irrational/”mystic” aspects of the psychotherapy field being a force for question making and starting point for artistic work. (see for instance the work “energy constellations” below).

Many of the works evolves around this experience of questioning the rational/irrational, and this is seen in various systems, what is language?, the so called disabled body, instruction as a tool, the power relation between audience and performer and movement as architecture.

An example of Matilde Mørk´s work, which is made in collaboration with poet Bjørn Friis Thomsen, is both a performance and a series of videos called ”ORDDANS” (Body Language). Here a system is created and makes a dogma for the writer and the dancer/dancers.

This is one video out of a series of fourteen video´s with various people performing “ORDDANS”.

Untitled, 2014

Reenactment of Yvonne Rainers “Trio A”

Energy Constellations(trailer), 2014

Energy Constellations is a performance inspired by psychotherapy (constellations work).
The performance is a study of how the constellation of objects (metal) and performers changes the experience of space for both the players(performers) and the audience. The constellations are often geometrical figures like the circle,the line, the square but it is also constellation with the shape of a star (see sketch) and other more complex forms with bodily contact amongst the players involved. Does these constellations with objects/players really effect the energy in the room?

The film shows one out of eight constellations. Performances extends over 5 hours and
the location for the constellations is placed due to the architecture and the energy in the room.


Matilde Mørk both creates solo work, company work (previous known as Mørk-Dans) and collaborating with other artist’s.

Artist books: 2×45 minuttes meditation(text), Elna(photography)


Elna, 2014

* Skizoid is taken from the body oriented psychotherapist Alexander Lowens character processes. Skizoid character processes is a process of many directions and creativity. The definition of a skizoid character process is not the same as a schizophrenic disease, but one can say that the disease is the consequence if the skizoid character process becomes out of balance





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