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Klara Utke Acs is a young performer who works in the fields of dance and immersive performance. After spending her teenage years dancing contemporary and choreographing small pieces in black boxes, Klara started to engage as a performer in immersive, site-specific performances, focusing on character work within fictional frames. In spring 2014 she co-developed the human-specific performance series 'Five Apartments' with Madeleine Kate McGowan, in which she also performed and curated the sound artists. Now living in Berlin she started engaging in dance again but is mostly surrounded by cyborgs. She suffers from a newly discovered condition called techschmerz. In autumn 2014 Acs performed with the multitalented sheborg Agatha Valkyrie Ice (agathavalkyrieice.tumblr.com). In March 2015 she developed the digital disrupted dialogue, 'E P I G E N E S I S' in collaboration with Anna Weile Kjær (infinitescroll.dk). It was performed as a duet between her and musician, Christian Stadsgaard (Posh Isolation).

body mediated

the physical body mediated through live-stream:


E P I G E N E S I S was a symphony of digital miscommunication. it exhibited bodies mediated and communicating through digital media. the performance was a digital dialogue between two bodies expressed through two medias, video and sound, communicating through platforms on the internet. the very platform of communication highjacked and choreographed the performance; disrupted the dialogue, and took the initial intension further than planned.

the performance took place on three platforms simultaneously: Berlin, Copenhagen, the Internet

in Berlin sheborgs from the young girl reading group to perceive the performance. as an audience member you were obliged to only perceive the performance through the camera of the iphone, while following me throughout the performance. in this way the performance was visually only perceived through the digital framing of the participants. furthermore the participants’ devices were the only sources of light. as a reversed panopticon they followed every movement on the screens as long as their storage space lasted.

one of the iphones were connected to our livestream channel that made the performance available on the internet. but this was also the central platform of the performance, since this was providing the dialogue between me in Berlin and Christian in Copenhagen. the live stream connection collapsed and only relieved short glimpses of the physical performance

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