Sara Gebran

About Sara Gebran

Since 2012, Sara Gebran shares her time, space and artistic practice between being Head of the Education in Choreography at the Danish National School of Performing arts and continue choreographing, performing, writing as choreographic practice and researching (from 100% Free lance to work in an institution and turning further in defend of this institutions...). Her works are situated within the performance art field, exploring ways of representing the body in relation to various dimensions: the social, cultural and political, the displacement and perception of time and space, and when need it mixing what ever desire medias in order to create and investigate new relations and perspectives produced between the audience and the performers. She has a BA & MA in urban planning, and a BA in dance. Had shown her works internationally since 1994 until present. Since 2009 she decided to only work in collaboration with other artists, as a way to defy isolation, individualization, the marketing rush and the deadly identification claustrophobia. She hopes of a female distributional system.