Christine Borch

About Christine Borch

Christine Borch is a choreographer, dancer, vocalist, writer, spiritual midwife and light warrior living as a contemporary nomad. The core of her work is based on experimenting with physical, personal and spiritual processes of transformation within choreographic structures. She presents her performances, texts and workshops throughout Europe grounded in her own lived female experience and drawing from her studies in Somatic Movement, Contemporary dance, Butoh Bodyweather, Contact Improvisation, BDSM, Continuum, Tao yoga, Breath work, Visual art & various massage techniques. Since two years she has been studying plant shamanism with indigenous tribes from the Amazon forest in Brazil.

Christine Borch

Some words about the “things” I do.

Words on Life Art

These are interesting times. We are at a certain point in our collective human evolution as part of a larger earthly evolution. Through my art of living, I have travelled through various worlds, always moving, through ritual theatre, visual art, contemporary dance, music, meditation, conscious sexuality and most recently plant shamanism with indigenous tribes in the Amazon forest.

I am attempting to build bridges between the worlds, sharing what my intuition teaches me as I witness myself and others moving into this new time and this new way of being. As part of this transition, there is a need to shed what is false in order for the truth of the human potential to reveal itself. This process can happen unconsciously or consciously, according to our curiosity, courage and ability of adaptation and of course the amount of love we can find in our hearts for ourselves and the Other. I call process choreography.

I like to travel. On many levels. Sometimes I live in the forest, sometimes in my yurt, sometimes in the city, sometimes by the sea. When in the yurt I explore performance art as ritual and as place of healing, using holistic language and other expressions of wild peace inspired by eco-feminism, somatic practices, permaculture, shamanism, performance writing, sound and breath work, midwifery, urban nature research and creative sexuality. Living in the yurt supports my life style of an unpredictable nature, seeking for stability in the unstable.

Motivation & Movement

I understand that my work always has been connected to and using the creative power of nature. That I have been generating performances from the belief that we ARE nature and therefore creative being, artists, and that we as humanity have entered a time where we are all becoming aware of this potential, becoming conscious, becoming our spiritual potential. I know that speaking about spirituality and shamanistic work seems fragile and risky in a context of Europe, in which both terms seems to have either lost meaning or being charged with heavy memories, but one could also turn it around and ask: how could we forget? Especially when speaking about creativity, art, which roots are all planted deep into the soil of shamanic history, into the ability to transform. I believe it is time to re-integrate the spirit, to remember these abilities. This does not mean to neglect present technology or knowledge gained, experiences lived. It is not about going back, but to move on from here in a more holistic manner, sensitive and respectful to our environment. Spending time with native indians taught me a lot about this. As an artist using the body as my medium, I am connected to insights into human nature generated from sensual knowing that I believe is going to be crucial for the development of humanity and our sensitivity to our environment. Recent climate changes, common bodily sicknesses and misunderstood sexuality are just a few examples of these unbalances.

Consciousness of Power & Play 

We walk through life. We feel attracted to someone. We enter the dance. In this moment, the other becomes a mirror, a potential partner, a mother or father, in which we can release, test and play out who we are, who we believe we are, but also who we can become. As humanity evolves and the collective consciousness grows, also our ability to sense what is happening in and around the dance expands.

My works is linked with the nature of healing, with intimacy, Eros. I believe Eros is the strongest drive in our human nature, it can be, but doesn´t have to be linked with sexuality.

Infinite Contact

My work is about the dances that wants to happen, the healing, the heart. There is something essential about contact. I am called into the space surrendering my Self to the silence, the sensing. Eventually I meet someone, aware of my inner animal and my ability of choice, let´s call it consciousness. We become together. What we are. Infinite possibilities of spirits encountering each other in space. We dance our way through our flesh, our fears, our fantasies, effortless expressions of Eros. Intelligently we use our instinct and intuition. Keeping the focus we flow with the forces. Into infinite human and non human contact. We are the creators. Never out of contact.

Spirit & Earth Awakening

So as mentioned we live in a time with great unbalance between the earth and us. Through our human actions we are taking more that we can grow or give back. Through evolution we have exhausted the earth. Our relationship with the planet is out of balance so no wonder our relationship with our Self is out of balance.

So with the earth we are evolving and at the moment we are finding ways to (be)come together. We notice time is tight. We are remembering what it means to take care of Nature. Like we are remembering to take care of our relationships, to take care of each other as well as our selves. We are finding new and rediscovering old pathways of allowing the full potential of the female nature, the male nature and understanding how they can come together in a sustainable manner without compromising the potential of each. We are developing abilities to allow each encounter to grow to its full potential, through communication, with respect and of course with love. For some all of this seems exaggerated for some uninteresting, but the attentive eye, the sensitive soul would be able to observe all of these dynamics in the dances that are taking place. The tensions that was melting, the tears that was flowing, the laughs that was sounding as bodies and beings expanded, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Follow the he(art)

Like the planets relating to each other in the universe by various forces, we attract each other and enter these magnetic encounters. Everything has a reason. There is something essential about the simple action of walking through life, being present with whom we encounter, the relationship between action and reaction, giving and taking. Consciousness seems to want to expand in all possible directions, evolving in all kind of new forms. Alchemic group processes are unfolding everywhere. It is in our nature. We want to know. Who am “I” & where are we going as a group? It is all about evolution and Eros. We are the earth. It is like this, our soul is here to heal, our spirit here to fulfil its potential. Enjoy the dance!