Dorte Persson

About Dorte Persson

Slow cooking and no stress . I am an artist and a dreamer ... I like dreaming since it connects me with other people, without whom no dreams comes through . No matter the final outcome, the human , the emotions, the body /soul and brain patterns, will always be the center of my work. I belong to the pioneer generation and have been part of the dance environment in DK `forever´. For years I worked alone following my own tracks - but times has changed and to connect with fellow artists has become crucial to me. My last new connections are with danceforce 40+ ( - so yes , I still perform) and RISK and Brancherådet ... very nice indeed. Besides doing my art, I teach contemporary dance/yoga and tell stories.

Arts´n Body Fusion


Arts´n Body Fusion uses dance and choreography to explore and cross borders

between artforms to create fused expressions. Mixed media.


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