We ask

If our objective is to avoid to be a lonely freelance artist swimming in too deep water, what are the conditions we need? What kind of tissue do we want ... Read More

Practising sharing – notes of a process

I started my studies at DDSKS six months ago and realized after a short while that I was no longer interested in moving. The questions of philosophy, understanding of performativity and ... Read More


The following, is an essay – a performance text – on the work with Whole Body Treatment 1 – 4. Scroll down for English translation of the text. Nedenstående er et ... Read More

Quim Bigas Bassart #1

Often, people ask me What is choreography. Often, I think whichever person who thinks has an answer it’s an asshole. A nice asshole though. To compress the meaning of words ... Read More

Ω Julia Giertz Ω

Hej! My name is Julia Giertz, I’m a choreographer and sound-artist and I’m also a big fan of environmental science, like physical geography on a macro-scale. However, my focus here will ... Read More

Distinct animal and mixtape

One of my practices is to ask collaborators to reformulate what I’m doing in order to get informed about all the stuff I and we missed on the move. I’ve ... Read More

The Physical Body-The Energetic Body -reflections on choreographic practice

Credit: Danjel Andersson The Physical Body-The Energetic Body  -reflections on choreographic practice I just concluded a series of solo’s. A trilogy of works about the body exposed to different forces ... Read More

Choroegraphing failure

Failure  In short, you are basically told all your life – don’t be a loser. If you work hard you wont be a loser. If you do this you will ... Read More

Partners in Crime

Being in a collective is like having a relationship or a family, that needs to be nourished and taken care of. You become close and the conventional barriers of professional ... Read More

My Lindblad

The current interest in my work, is to find ways of how to come out of your own comfort zone and challenge the perception of yourself. As a danceartist, one ... Read More

Taneli Törmä / LOCATION X – Projects

TANELI TÖRMÄ / LOCATION X – Projects The lonely Snufking of Odense; Choreographer or artist?         Left, Snufking – character from Moomin / Right, I WOULD SAY (video), photo: ... Read More

Portrait of M.R.

At the Laura Aurora Rose Money Factory Foundation, late at night at the factory, the girls had all gone to sleep. The Mothers were casually working on the final bash ... Read More

Mr. Rice and peanuts apart + Document a) solo?

Update, June 15 2015 Ok, so.. CPH STAGE swooshed away very fast I think we should write something about it Mr. Rice will be busy with TRANS (Det Frie Felts ... Read More

Arts´n Body Fusion

Arts´n Body Fusion uses dance and choreography to explore and cross borders between artforms to create fused expressions. Mixed media ... Read More

Schizoid* practice

Sketch, Energy Constellations, 2014 Schizoid* practice is a body-oriented artistic practise placed in the field of visual art. It involves various medias such as performance for video and live – ... Read More

Sub-pieces (under-værker)

The investigative stages of our work produce a number of sub-pieces, sometimes shared with smaller audiences in favour of the experiment and feedback, at other times we just keep them ... Read More

Ray Roa

Research for Phantom Muse “I’ll ask them to tell me about the owner of the address book, whose name I’ll only reveal in person, if they agree to meet me ... Read More

Kirstine Kyhl

Welcome to this really quick made first draft of the blog! Updates will follow. Since 2004 I’ve worked in close collaboration with Niels Bjerg and our ensemble/group/company/band or whatever label ... Read More

More to come.

I thought I should share a day of rehearsal I had while working on my latest piece that premiered 12th of march. While I’m still busy with my thoughts about ... Read More

Choreographic activism // Poetic riots

Can choreography be another way of thinking in terms of political actions. Can thoughts be activism and how does choreography persue us to think. Is dance practices a antithesis of ... Read More

Extractions on choreography

Extractions is a series of texts formulating extended notions of choreography closely related to performances and their processes of making. Immaterial Choreography On Giant City and Evaporated Landscapes When I ... Read More

body mediated

the physical body mediated through live-stream: E P I G E N E S I S was a symphony of digital miscommunication. it exhibited bodies mediated and communicating through digital media ... Read More

Christine Borch

Some words about the “things” I do. Words on Life Art These are interesting times. We are at a certain point in our collective human evolution as part of a ... Read More

Diversiones Sci- Fi, Continuum & Others

Diversiones Sci-Fi …She became signs and texts, mutated digital crops, suddenly running accessible, dragged by any aficionado, an addict, free of negotiations, threats and misunderstandings, still using as little energy ... Read More